Dissertation Abstract

Dissertation Abstract

To start off definitely dissertation abstract is not the hardest part of your research, however it is very important to construct it properly. Generally speaking, it can be described as a summary of your entire project, which present an overview of your dissertation including the conclusion of your study. The main reason behind writing the dissertation abstract is to illustrate briefly the idea of your research and your working efforts to the reader. Convince him that your research is interesting and brings a lot of value. In most cases this part of your research will make the reader decide if to continue reading your work or just to leave it. The dissertation abstract should be placed right at the beginning of the dissertation in most cases straight after the title page. However, in sometimes the abstract might appear in the separated document included with the database of your research.
Let’s take a closer look at an example of dissertation abstract.

Dissertation Abstract Example

This study examined how employees of the hotel industry perceived green practices. Data was collected from 220 employees working in eight green certified hotels in Orlando. Research results revealed that performance levels of green practices implemented by hotels were lower than the importance levels of those same green practices as perceived by hotel employees. The results of the study illustrated that (1) the employees’ perception regarding green practices was not different than one of hoteliers in terms of importance and performance, and (2) employees weighted the green practices that were beneficial to them as more important than green practices that required their behavior change. Also, a positive correlation between organizational commitment and green practices detected in this study which suggests that hotel organizations may anticipate positive ramifications of green practices in relation to HR approach when they embrace green practices. Unfortunately, employees’ green perceptions at work were not generalized by their demographic characteristics, yet a number of considerable results were garnered from this study. These were (1) employees in operational departments were more green conscious than employees in other departments, (2) generation X was critical about green performance by the hotels, and (3) minorities showed more green concerns than other ethnicities. This study suggests that hotels need to spend more time and effort in communicating their green practice to employees. Training to improve green practices should be versatile and job-specific with strategies developed to motivate the employees to engage in green practices.

According to the above example we can say what are the most relevant factors for the dissertation abstract.

The size and structure

In general abstract should not exceed 400 words. However, accordingly to the majority of the Universities the best word count for an abstract would be between 200 and 350 words.

Structure of an abstract should be similar to the structure of the entire project, (to read more about dissertation structure click here) illustrating the main problems and solutions of your work. It means it should contain a brief of the introduction, literature review, methodology, results and conclusion.

It is crucial to mention your specific research questions. which should be presented right at the beginning of your dissertation abstract.

Present your research results. It is vital for any abstract to present your conclusions otherwise you will fail to inform the reader about your research findings.