Dissertation Discussion

Dissertation discussion section is often included with the results in a single chapter. It is up to you to decide what works best. Certainly in qualitative research, it is often more logical to discuss the themes as they are reported.

Dissertation Discussion

In some ways it can be argued that this is the most important chapter in the dissertation. It is probably the most demanding since the discussion section seeks to identify the significance of the findings from the project. This can be achieved firstly with an analysis and evaluation of the findings.

  • What insights can you see?
  • What anomalies or contradictions are emerging within the data?
  • What insights come from an evaluation of the non-supporting data, from what has not emerged that might have been expected?

What insights are generated by an evaluation of the findings in the light of the theoretical framework which emanated from reading, and interpretation, of the literature. This discussion can then be extended to relate findings from the project to existing knowledge in the subject via the literature review.

Where does the research support the existing state of knowledge, and where is it saying something different? In the latter case you should then try to see if you can explain why this might be. In addition, the discussion should contain a critical appraisal of the project, including any limitations and/or features of the research process that may influence findings. It is crucial to remember that the dissertation discussion of findings should always be linked to the aims of the research.

The Dissertation Discussion section in most cases should be made of 1000 to 1500 words.