Dissertation Ideas

Dissertation ideas concerning research papers can be very different, and almost unlimited, apart one factor such as your degree title. The reason behind it, is that it could have a negative result after completing your research. For instance, biology students would not rather conduct a research on the marketing management issues, because it is not relevant to their degree.

Dissertation Ideas

The main purpose behind the dissertation ideas is to introduce some dissertation topics to students who are not sure yet about what to go for. (Buy topics here) Some topics might be difficult to find in the literature, and some of them might be difficult to conduct a decent research. Therefore, a list of popular degree titles and sample dissertation ideas will be introduced below.

Accountancy and Finance dissertation ideas:

  • Short-run UK market reaction to open market share repurchases
  • Information Signalling as an Explanation of Share Repurchase Activity in the UK
  • How does the Relationship between Capital Structure and Firm Performance Differ in the UK and the US?
  • Currency and Commodity Price Risk: Evidence from the Alternative Investment Market Oil and Gas Industry
  • The Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings Policy: Evidence from the UK
  • An Empirical Investigation into the Wealth Effects of Convertible Bonds in the UK Market
  • The Performance and Efficiency of UK’s First ETF iShares FTS 100 (ISF)
  • Some UK Evidence on the Relation between CEO Pay and Firm Performance
  • Long term impact of insider trading on stock market in different industries
  • The Impact of Fair View Pensions Accounting in the UK: An Empirical Investigation
  • Evaluation of Unit Trust Performance and the Impact of rust Characteristics: Evidence from UK Market
  • The Relationship between CEO Cash Compensation and Performance: An Empirical Analysis
  • Shareholder Wealth Effects of Corporate De-mergers: The UK Case
  • Does Hedging Affect Firm Value? Evidence from the Airline Industry
  • Hedge Ratio Hedge Performance: A Case Study of S&P Index Futures
  • The M&A Wealth Effects from a Bidder’s Perspective: An Industry Sector Analysis
  • Can Risk Management Theory Explain the Level of Hedging?
  • The Predictability of Corporate Failure Using MDA Models
  • CEO Compensation in the UK Finance Industry
  • UK Stock Market Reaction to the Announcement of a Rights Issue: An Event Study
  • An Empirical Analysis of the UK Convertible Bond Market
  • Governance within UK Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Business Administration dissertation ideas

  • How do multinational organisations tackle the growing complexity of managing itself in the light of the rise to significant power of non-governmental organisations?
  • An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration for Motorola into the European Union (EU)
  • What are the risks and benefits of an International Joint Venture?
  • Why are some vendor relationships more successful than others?
  • How does an organisation benefit from an effective vendor management strategy?
  • A research on the exit strategy of foreign venture capital investment in international private business sector.
  • What are the main issues surrounding the relationship between organisational growth and performance?
  • Critically evaluate how and why suppliers circumvent compliance codes. To what extent are social audit frameworks effective in managing sourcing risks?
  • What is branding and how does it provide competitive advantage: Case of the consumer electronics industry?
  • How does customer perception impact on customer loyalty in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • What are the key strategic decisions facing companies in order to improve their performance in Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • How can businesses gain advantage from climate change?
  • How can firms successfully make Corporate Social Responsibility operable in the corporate environment?

Human Resource Management dissertation ideas,/h2>

  • What are the most effective practices for working a unique Human Resource policy across multiple divisions of large diversified companies?
  • How does one manage employee commitment in the not-for-profit sector?
  • What are the effects of organisational transition on employee commitment in large multinational companies?
  • What are the bases of employee commitment in terms of affective, normative and calculative commitment?
  • A UK bidding firm’s perspective: what are the effects of an announcement of an acquisition on the employees of an organisation?

Business Management with Marketing dissertation ideas

  • What are the best theoretical tools for coping with rapid change in consumer preferences in the global marketplace? A review of recent literature.
  • The impact of body language and gestures on global communication: to what extent can misunderstandings arise, and how does this impact on sales? A quantitative study amongst sales people entering new global territories.
  • Can ethics be used to develop effective brands? A case study and historical analysis of branding by the Co-Operative Bank in the UK.
  • Can game theory contribute to successful branding? A critical analysis of three branding strategies using game dynamics.
  • Can theories of semiotics be used to explore the meanings that products have for consumers? A literature review examining the use of theories by de Saussure, Pierce and others.
  • Is there a relationship between the rural living and type of foods purchased? A quantitative study of shopping habits amongst residents in rural Wales.
  • Can social media offer new approaches to marketing for theatre management? A case study of an independent theatre in Edinburgh.

Media degree related dissertation ideas:

  • Gecybershaft: A theoretical model for an analysis of emerging electronic communities.
  • Relationship between the media and ethnicity in multicultural societies.
  • The cultural reform of television in Anambra state Nigeria.
  • What is social media?
  • How social media impact on the brand’s ability to control how they are both conveyed and received?
  • Why is new media environment not sustainable for traditional forms of a brand?
  • Critical analyst of the role of the media maintaining the area of entertainment.