Dissertation Structure

The Honors Dissertation is a piece of real research, which should make a contribution to a given study. Successful completion of the research mostly relies on your ability to plan your work, pace, motivation, your dissertation structure, and writing skills.

Ability to manage the demands and pressure of such a piece of research is an experience which is just as valuable as is the subject learning involved.
Generally speaking, dissertation involves answering a research question, and requires the collection and analysis of relevant data. Usually, it is required from you to collect fresh data through primary research, and this could possibly involve focus groups, questionaries, in-depth interviews etc. Sometimes, alternatively some projects analysing published data, such as government statistics, may also be put forward. It is highly recommended to discuss your ideas with a supervisor in order to achieve the best results. Dissertation should be not too ambitious, and it is best to focus on the most modest, manageable research questions. It is more effective in terms of achievability and is likely to yield a better product at the end of the project.

Dissertation StructureIn order to achieve the best results from your dissertation paper is to separate the document into chapters (number of chapters may depend on the size of the research). In the majority of dissertation structures cases each chapter should consist of a series of following paragraphs: